Boot Camp Branding – JP Morgan Chase & LinkedIn

What a great initiative to be involved in! JP Morgan Chase and Linkedin are the masterminds behind this great program. So what is this all about, these two teamed up to develop a program specifically for supporting small business to make a big difference in today’s small business community. As part of the initiative two representatives from each small business was invited to LinkedIn’s Mountain View campus for a two-day Small Business Boot Camp event. This event honored the recipients and delivered tangible insights from notable speakers, including LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner and Jennifer Piepszak, CEO of Chase Business Banking. So how does BlueMelon come into this great program? We were approached with the creative challenge of leveraging off both strong brands to develop a collective brand for the event for the program. Working with the characteristics of each brands strong existing identities our challenge was to develop a brand that would help bring them all together to identify the group as one for this great event whilst relating to the small business owner on a very human level. Challenges of two brands strong identities of colour, images and tone coming together as one pushed Team BlueMelon to develop a brand that would prove to successfully pull both mega companies together as one for the event. Not only did Team BlueMelon develop an effective brand but we then took the brand to all elements around the event itself. Developing promotional collateral, presentations, marketing tools and way-finding signage just to name a few helping these two mega companies support small business to grow the best way they can. The initiative produced impressive results generating more than 30,000 registrants; an 18% increase from the previous year. JP Morgan Chase and Linkedin produced an informative event that taught recipients how to use social media to grow their businesses and leverage the platforms to achieve even greater success. BlueMelon were honored to work on this fantastic event that produced such high success metrics for all companies involved

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